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Introducing “The Kidney Chronicles: A Pediatric Nephrology Podcast,” produced and hosted by Dr. Emily Zangla, a pediatric nephrology fellow, and Dr. Annie Kouri, an assistant professor of pediatric nephrology. We interview experts in the field to provide high quality info and “tricks of the trade” that are valuable for clinicians to use in practice. It’s a great way to learn and to bring together the peds nephrology community across the country (and maybe even world)! We want to hear any requests for future episodes, experts who want to come onto our show and your feedback! Email Emily at Artwork done by Shannon Luker,

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Thursday Apr 04, 2024

Dr. Clemens Bergwitz, an associate professor of endocrinology at Yale University, walks us through how to work-up and treat patients with calcium and phosphorus disorders. He helped to discover the disease HHRH (hereditary hypophosphatemic rickets with hypercalciuria) and has wonderful knowledge to share with listeners regarding the bone-mineral axis! 
2024 KIR Update on HHRH 
2009 Ped Nephrology Genetic causes of hypercalciuric nephrolithiasis 
TMP calculation and reference ranges 

Monday Mar 18, 2024

Join us to learn about hyperoxaluria from nephrolithiasis expert and division director of pediatric nephrology at Mayo Clinic, Dr. David Sas! We discuss pathophysiology, work-up and management of primary hyperoxaluria, including new game-changing therapies. Dr. Sas also answers other high-yield kidney stone management questions. 
Novodetect primary hyperoxaluria/nephrolithiasis genetic panel testing: file:///Users/student/Downloads/BpG_GTP-for-NovoDetect-Panels-Form_GTP-NVDT-2P-B.pdf
Rare Kidney Stone Consortium (RKSC): 800-270-4637 or
Resources for physicians and patients regarding all forms of rare kidney stone diseases
Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation (OHF):
Resources for patients, parents, and physicians regarding primary hyperoxaluria

Episode 26: SGLT-2 Inhibitors

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

Dr. Laura Hesemann, a med/peds-trained adult and pediatric nephrologist and Chair of Pediatrics at the University of Missouri, shares her expertise about SGLT-2 inhibitors and their utility in clinical practice.

Thursday Jan 04, 2024

Drs. Donna Claes, Vivian Shih and Annie Kouri (our co-host) discuss their roles as pediatric dialysis directors at their institutions. Donna Claes is an associate professor of pediatric nephrology and chronic dialysis director at Cincinnati Children's and Vivian Shih is an assistant professor of pediatric nephrology and acute dialysis director at Children's Hospital Colorado. We talk about the road to becoming a dialysis director, what the job entails, the challenges, the rewarding aspects of the job and tips for those who are considering stepping into this position at their institution. 

Monday Dec 04, 2023

Dr. Katherine Twombley, professor and chief of pediatric nephrology at the Medical University of South Carolina, shares her knowledge on FSGS recurrence after transplant. She discusses the diseases that cause FSGS and her strategy for managing these complex patients. Dr. Twombley is the director of dialysis and kidney transplantation, and does clinical research in the area of transplant. She is involved with leadership roles both in ASPN and AST.
If you have any feedback or would like to come onto the podcast, please email

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

As part of the leadership series of podcast episodes, this episode discusses life as a pediatric kidney transplant director. Dr. Jodi Smith, Seattle Children's transplant director and ASPN president, Dr. Gina Barletta, Phoenix Children's transplant director, and Dr. Sarah Kizilbash, co-host and University of Minnesota transplant director, talk about why and how they got to be transplant director, their program's structure, strengths, weaknesses and the greatest joys of their job. 
For more information about the ASPN transplant interest group, check out this link or email
For information about UNOS, check out the calendar of events 
For UNOS requirements to become a transplant physician, check out this link 

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Join us in our discussion with Dr. Deepa Chand, who is a pediatric nephrologist, former dialysis and division director, and now director of patient safety in immunology at Novartis. She also continues to practice pediatric nephrology at the University of Illinois-Peoria. She talks about her journey to where she is today, behind-the-scenes information regarding drug development and approval, and provides practical advice that is valuable for clinicians and researchers alike.  

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

This is the first episode in our leadership series! We talk with Drs. Sudha Garimella, associate professor of pediatrics at Prisma Health, and Priya Verghese, professor of pediatrics at Lurie Children's/Northwestern University about their roles as division directors in pediatric nephrology. They discuss their career paths, challenges and rewards of the job, tips for recruitment and general leadership advice, helpful for all pediatric nephrologists! 

Thursday Aug 03, 2023

Dr. Vikas Dharnidharka, Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Nephrology Division Director at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, shares his extensive knowledge on PTLD (post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders) in pediatric kidney transplant recipients. He is the first author of a PTLD textbook ( and has published numerous studies and guideline recommendations on the subject. We discuss the pathophysiology, risk factors, clinical presentation, work-up, treatment and prognosis of PTLD in this episode.
North American Pediatric Renal Trials and Collaborative Studies Registry (NAPRTCS) and Pediatric Nephrology Research Consortium (PNRC) studies regarding the advantages of lower dose thymoglobulin induction therapy in kidney transplantation
International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA) PTLD guidelines

Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

We have two fantastic Canadian guest nephrologists discussing IgA nephropathy on this episode. Dr. Sean Barbour is an adult nephrologist and associate professor at the University of British Columbia. He is a glomerulonephritis and epidemiology expert and serves as the chair of the British Columbia GN Committee and Registry. He developed and validated the IgA clinical prediction tool for both adults and children and has participated in the TESTING and NefIgArd clinical trials. Dr. Alexandra Cambier is a clinician-scientist and an associate professor of pediatric nephrology at Montreal University. She also worked on the pediatric IgA prediction tool and has numerous publications regarding biomarkers and genetic variants in children with IgA nephropathy. 
Publications that we discuss in this episode-
IgA prediction tool validation:
CD89 in childhood IgA nephropathy:
IgA nephropathy therapies in children:
Targeted-release budesonide in adults with IgA nephropathy:


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